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I started making crystal ball for Christmas season. Today I will show you how I make crystal ball.

The first step, I draw the design on a ball. I always draw the design by hand. It is very hard to draw byhand on globe.  I try to draw as equally as possible.  Sometimes I draw the design many times.  Draw, erase, draw erase… I repeat many times.

The second step, painting a ball as check swarovski line stones color sample. I consider and imagine what color I should use. Then paint similar color of swarovski.

The third step, I decorate gold chains as an outline. I often used 1.5 mm gold chains but I used 2.3 mm gold chains this time.  I thought 2.3 mm might be too big. But when I decorate them I knew it is very cute!   I glue the chains on a ball carefully.  Sometimes I have to wait set the glue before decorate next outline.  If I didn’t wait the chains it would be shifted by weight.

The fourth step, decorate on the design.  Today I will show you until the third step.  These 3 steps are more important than the fourth step.  If I didn’t do these 3 steps carefuly I can’t make nice crystal ball.

Next time I will show you complete crystal ball. ;)

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